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Because we choose to provide good quality care we try to match two dogs per kennel where possible so that they are not alone and lonely. In addition, a heat source when the temperature decreases is standard. Of course you will see this in our rates, these are cheaper in summer than in winter.


November till March 1st dog € 16 and the next own dog € 14 a day.

April till October 1st dog € 15 and the next own dog € 13 a day.


November to March 1st cat €12 and the next own cat €10 a day.

April till March 1st cat €11 and the next own cat €9 a day.

Other small animals:

€7,50 a day

Because it is better for pets not to switch from food suddenly, we ask you to bring your own feed. Furthermore, it is mandatory to bring the vaccination passport of the pet and leave it with us. Naturally, the valid vaccinations are mentioned. It is also nice if you give your own basket or blanket so that the pet has some familiar smell from home around him. In case of medication use, you also bring these along with the written dose.

We take your dog (s) twice a day on a walk on the line. In addition, they go 1 to 2 times on the playground (inside or outside, depending on the weather). On the playground the dogs are always under supervision and are challenged with various brainpieces.

Obviously, the pets areas are cleaned daily and the pets always have fresh drinking water.