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Les Chiens Sportives
Chez Penot
16380 Charras
+33(0)7 69529946
+31(0)6 22386650

Our old teachers.

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That we are now literally and figuratively building our dream is partly due to earlier beautiful dogs from our past; Our teachers.

They made us feel what our true passion is, working with dogs! Through them we were allowed to learn about the language they speak through behavior, attitudes and many more beautiful subtle forms of communication. They showed us the way patiently.

lm 1We are grateful to them to this day and they will forever speak through our hearts, for what we are now allowed to bear has been taught to us by our past and present teachers.

Thor, Baldr, Mjollnir, Catja and Loki (and Thor, Floris and Freya living at home) what has Gwen been able to teach you and she. Lex, Elco, Branko and Hugo and ... what did you learn Mario a lot and he did you .... Trip, Roy and Vidar we learn and enjoy every day from you and hope to be able to do this for many years to come!

Thanks buddies!

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