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Les Chiens Sportives - Our old teachers


Les Chiens Sportives

3 Route De La Garde
LD Chez Penot
16380 Charras
+31(0)6 22386650


Maandag t/m vrijdag: 8:30 - 9:30 en 17:30 - 18:30 uur
Zaterdag: na afspraak tussen 8:30 - 9:30 of 17:30 - 18:30 uur
Zondag: gesloten

(in uitzonderingsgevallen kan er vooraf een afspraak gemaakt worden om van de openingstijden af te wijken)

Obedience training at Les Chiens Sportives

If you think obedience training is boring think again! At Les Chiens Sportives we offer that bit extra in the obedience training. Exercises to the commands; sit, stand, down, heel, and stay are essential basics but there is much more to learn in combination with your dog, for example:gh1

- How do I behave in combination with my dog and other dog owners?
- How do I react if my dog is scared or starts barking and lunging at something/someone?
- How do I teach my dog to stay calm and be good at the vet?
- How do I teach my dog to stay by me, lying down in a restaurant?
And there are many more exercises to practice that ensure your dog is welcome everywhere you go, giving you much more freedom.

At Les Chiens Sportives we make lessons fun and creative by combining obedience lessons with exercises for other dog sports. Exercises such as;
- Balance and coordination exercises.
- Detection and thinking games.
- Motivational techniques.
- Learning tricks, for example with a clicker.
- Learning retrieval of an object.

gh2So the training is not the same standard programme every week but a wide variation of exercises ensuring that every lesson is pure enjoyment for dog and handler! This approach makes the training more effective and engaging.

It also forms an ideal stepping stone for starting training in other dog sports that we offer. Since we introduce exercises from other dog sports in the obedience training the dog becomes more aware of its own body and what it is capable of, its limitations. This is important for prevention of injuries that can occur during the practice of agility and gundog sports.

Obedience training groups are formed with a maximum of five combinations (of dog and handler) to guarantee quality and a personal approach. The 60 minute lessons consist of 45 minutes practical training followed by 15 minutes theory. The theory will focus on the communication between dog and handler because if you want to learn to work with your dog then you need to understand the language it uses to communicate with you!