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Les Chiens Sportives
Chez Penot
16380 Charras
+33(0)7 69529946
+31(0)6 22386650


Agility a dog sport emerged in the late eighties and based on the course for showjumping horses. The trick is to take a (flawless) course as quickly as possible in which your dog takes obstacles such as hordes, tunnels, poles and for example a seesaw. In our training we emphasize positive training and good cooperation with the dog.

agility2In 15 lessons per season you learn to take the equipment with your dog and learn how to travel the course as economically as possible. A perfect course for anyone who wants to do something active with their dog where there must be a good basis of obedience because it involves working together.

To prevent unnecessary injuries, it is important that the dog is also used to challenging long walks in daily life and not just by the stove
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