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pinThe special life story full of beautiful precious memories
from our "Dancing Hunter" Vidar now reading:

Les Chiens Sportives - Our old teachers


For the dogs we have from April 2018 a number of spacious kennels with a private outdoor space. The indoor area is equipped with heating so that your dog when necessary can comfortably enjoy their holiday. Twice a day, the dogs, alone or in small groups, are brought under supervision to the discharge areas where they can lose their energy without risking of running away, because these fields are completely equipped with a fence.

Of course, they also receive daily sufficient challenge in the form of play and braintraining from us. The health of your dog is expertly assessed on a daily basis and in case of doubt the vet is consulted.

Does your dog use medication? No problem, thanks to the para veterinary past of Gwen it is all possible and responsible.

Of course we are fully insured and the kennels are equipped with smoke and CO detectors and fire extinguishers.

We are happy to guide you around in our boarding kennels and meet you and your dog(s)!

Attention: In order to be a guest in our guest house, it is necessary that your dog's vaccinations are repeated annually. We therefore ask that you bring the vaccination booklet with you.

                        Inside the kennels                                                                                                                            the outside kennels
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