Thank you for visiting our website. Our observant visitors may notice that our name Les Chiens Sportives is grammatically different . This is because our training methods are also different to current methods and innovative. This is also true for the way we working to give the animals a safe and enriching  holiday address. We recognize in particular:

  • Positive trainings methods with respect for the individuality of the dog and handler
  • Exceptional results through sincere cooperation and motivational techniques
  • A creative teaching style that stimulates enjoyment for both the dog and handler working together as a team
  • Working, through enjoyment, as a team with your dog develops the dog-handler relationship to create a close bond
  • Our logo shows that we offer the animals a safe and secure environment without the feeling of confinement
  • We ensure that the animals receive, in addition to the standard care, a variety of physical and mental stimulation daily

In addition we are keen to provide our services to a broad international community and therefore we have chosen a unique name, to stand out, that differs for the normal French writing style but clearly shows that we are located in France.



Our Mission Statement

Les Chiens Sportives is an integrated kennels and trainings school for dogs and handlers that value respect and only the best for their animal. We unburden, care and advise  We aim to bring out the best in dog and their handlers so that the welfare of the dog is increased. Our mission is to show how care and training of animals with mutual request gives the best results in the short and long term.

Our core values are:

  • An honest business model treating everyone as equals
  • Respect for all living things: people, creatures and environment
  • Enjoyment and teamwork between handlers and their pets
  • All of the above to strive for achieving the best results possible


Our vision is

To provide care and training with respect for all living things: people, creatures and the environment